Siva Bulk

”Your gateway to India”

SIVA Bulk Limited (formerly Crossbridge Shipping Singapore Limited) was established in early 2009 and has quickly become a respected freight provider in the dry bulk commodities sector.  The company operates out of offices in Mumbai and Singapore and the main activity is India focused freight services, solving challenges and trading in India is our day to day job. Apart from being India driven the dry bulk portfolio is also focused on other main commodities both in Asia Pacific and the Atlantic basin.

Today, SIVA Bulk is ranked as the fourth largest carrier of coal into India carrying about 7.5 million tons of cargo. In 2011 SIVA Bulk also carried about 7.5 % of the Chinese FOB grain imports. In 2012 SIVA Bulk’s combined forward book is in excess of 5 million tons of cargo. SIVA Bulk is a major carrier for reputed charterers like Marubeni, CHS, Tai Power, Noble, San Miguel, NYK, JSW and Maeshwari Bros.

The SIVA Bulk Senior management team of all offices with a diversified company background are able to provide customized and creative freight solutions and services to any client or joint venture partner with a view to access India business. The forward SIVA Bulk cargo book in excess of 5 million ton, as well the Senior management background and global reach, makes it possible to offer commercial management services, fleet management, Pool service with then already established forward cover.